PAX East 2018

Like BitSummit last year, PAX East 2018 was DANGEN's big breakout event, this time for Western gamers.

This year, we carved out a 10x10 booth as part of the Indie Megabooth, and filled it with as much as much gaming goodness as we possibly could. We showed four awesome games at the booth: The Takeover on Nintendo Switch, Brave Earth Prologue, Fight Knight on PlayStation 4, and for the first time, multi sport funfest, Super Sportmatchen.

We had some fantastic crowds during the show that blew even us away.

We even had the great Goichi Suda drop by our booth and check out The Takeover!

It was exciting to see so many gamers resonate with the games we had at the booth, and we're thankful to have had so many people come by and thank us for showing off games they truly enjoyed!

Now that we're back in Japan, we're preparing for our next event, BitSummit Vol. 6, but it will be a long time before we forget the blast we had at this year's PAX East 2018.